About the Book

Coloring Without Borders is the culmination of work from artists all over the world who contributed pieces of art for children to complete.

The intent is for the book to help children separated from their families at the border to expand their imaginations beyond the walls that confine them and to be a source of empathy and compassion for families that live free of the struggles that migrant families are enduring.

All proceeds go directly to Families Belong Together.

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The Inspiration

The separation of families at the border quickly presented this country with a moral crisis and choice point. We felt that Coloring Without Borders was a means to inspire people to come together while migrant families are being torn apart.


The Art


Contributing Artists


Over 80 professional artists throughout the world contributed their time and talents to create the book. Their role as the artist was to envision a scene and detail the picture, while leaving an area for it to be completed by a child.

There was only one rule: there’s no lines or borders to color within.

Jim Field

Illustrator. Father. Lover of English Tea.

Karin Fong

Designer and Doodler at Imaginary Forces

Jorge Gutiérrez

Artist. Father. Super Macho.

Max Ulichney

Illustrator. Storyteller. Explorer.

Adrian Sinnott
Ana Chang
Andrew Hall
Asia Adamshick
Ben Hibon
Benjamin Kalaszi
Benjamin Woodlock
Bre Indigo
Burcu & Geoffrey
Carlos Stevens
Celeste Potter
Chris Haughton
Christian Robinson
Christine Le
Cristina Barna
Dan & Jason
Danny Capozzi
David Catrow
Denny Khurniawan
Dez Stavracos
Eamonn O’Neill
EJ Kang
Erika Bird
Eunhae Yoo
Eunice Kim
Ewen Stenhouse
Giovana Pham
Hazel Baird
Henry Chang & Max Strizich

Henry de Leon
Hyejung Bae
Hyoyeon Lee
Ido Gondelman
Isabel Garcia
Jacob Grant
Javier Jaen
Jeff Han
Jeffrey Brown
Jens Gehlhaar
Jie Zhou
Jimmy Thompson
Jonathan Edwards
Jordan Bruner
Kat Leuzinger
Kenard Pak
Lance Slaton
Lindsay Bohn
Lisa Bolan
Lisha Tan
Lissy Marlin
Magdalena Osinka
Margherita Premuroso
Maroto Bambinomonkey
Marta Pombo

Michael Relth
Michelle Dougherty
Mighty Nice
Moth Studio
Nasia Tzuo
Natalie Labarre
Nick Stoney
Pablo Leon
Paulo de Almada
Peter Sluzska
Reiko Murakami
Ren Chen
Robert Bisi
Robin Rosenthal
Ross Phillips
Ryan Raith
Sami Healy
Sara Litzenberger
Sidney Tan
Simon Wilches & Diana Leyva
Simone Giampaolo
Steve Small
Thom Glick
Tim Ruffle
Todd Parr
Tom McLaughlin
Trish Janovic
Yi-Jen Liu


Welcome to the beginning of the most impactful conversations about family, home, and helping others! These lessons are designed to support you in helping your child or student develop self-understanding and compassion for others–to become an agent of change!–while demonstrating it in fun, creative ways. Enjoy, and remember that there is no wrong way to do this, because learning is a unique journey for each of us.

Home - K

Lesson 1 - 4 (PDF)

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K - Grade 2

Lesson 1 - 4 (PDF)

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Grade 3 - 5

Lesson 1 - 4 (PDF)

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Middle - High School

Lesson 1 (PDF)

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A Special Thank you to Priscilla Traylor for curriculum consultation and Elisa Cabal for translations. And a HUGE THANK YOU to Jennifer Sofio-Hall, Bedonna Hayes, Megan Bettor and the Elastic and Annoymous Teams for all of their time, talent, and love for Coloring Without Borders.